What is your organisation's most valuable and costly asset?

Your staff.

Yet many small organisations are not managing this most valuable resource as well as they could be. It all seems too hard to deal with effective recruiting, hiring, agreements, performance management, training and ensuring that everything is on solid legal ground.

Carolina Gartner of People & SolutioNZ knows Human Resources in detail. Carolina can help you get the best out of your people and ensure your HR risks are minimised for now and into the future.


Managing your people

Allow us to assist you with that challenge by setting up robust processes, systems and policies.

Future Proofing

Establish HR plans for the short and long term success of your organisation.


Advice & Support

The fulfilment of your goals depends on your organisation's culture.

What customers are saying

"Excellent services provided which were timely, appropriate, and any actions on my part were clear to follow and resulted in good outcomes."

Nationwide Not for Profit


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