Advice & Support

One-off or Ongoing HR Support

This is ideal if you do not have your own HR function. We are on hand to answer your queries and calls. This can be one-offs or as an on-going service.

Policies & Procedures

As you grow as an organisation you need to ensure that you’re managing and treating your staff in the right way.  A set of rock solid policies and procedures will ensure that you manage your people effectively and at the same time promote fairness and consistency throughout your organisation.

Employment Agreements

Avoid disputes and disagreements by having compliant employment agreements in place. Whether you need permanent, fixed term, part-time or casual agreements, we can work with you to create a set of employment agreements that cover you and at the same time ensure that your staff understand their rights and responsibilities.

Manage & Develop

Recruitment & Selection

Your people are your service promise to your customers whether they be internal or external customers. Therefore, it’s important to recruit and select your staff in the right way. We can do all or any part of this process for you. We can design job descriptions, write the adverts and briefs, interview, run assessments and do reference checks.

Job Design

We can help you with identifying the skills and competencies required for specific roles. This can form part of creating job descriptions and also a way to help determine pay scales.

Performance Management Systems

If you are looking to improve the overall performance of your organisation, then we can help. Whether it’s reviewing your current performance management system or creating a process from scratch, we have the expertise to help you. We can also help you if you need your people trained in how to use performance management systems.

Executive Coaching

Who develops the top executives or directors within your company? We are qualified coaches who can help your senior management to take their game onto the next level. Whether it be regular face to face sessions, telephone coaching or a mixture of both – our executive coaching solutions are tailored to each individual and their requirements.

Training & Development

From leadership development programmes through to team building days and induction training – we have extensive experience in designing and delivering bespoke training programmes that will develop your staff.

Future Proof

HR Strategy & Organisation Design

We can help you to create your HR and organisation strategy. We can work with you to draft up and design how your HR strategy fits into the overall goals of the business and how it will add value going forward.

Mission & Values

Mission & values should be more than a way to decorate your reception area! We can work with you to create a clear and motivational mission and values based upon the objectives and plans of your business – a set that your staff will easily identify and buy into.

Cultural & Behavioural Change

The culture of an organisation is critical for attracting the right type of employee and to achieve excellent performance and service delivery. We have extensive experience in using engagement and culture surveys to support your change programmes.

Organisational Development

If you need a fully integrated approach to change, we can design and help you implement comprehensive and strategic OD programmes that align with your organisation or company direction. This includes integrating all elements of OD: systems, processes, development programmes, structure and role alignment, communications strategy, leadership development, career planning, reward and recognition systems, succession planning and metrics.


As your business changes, you need to keep your structure aligned with your business objectives. At the same time, restructures are full of risk if not done properly. We can help you in restructuring your organisation so that it is better aligned with your business direction.