You can be assured by what some of our wide range of customers have to say about our services.

"Tricky internal problems resolved"

I met Carolina three years ago and had no doubts about her abilities and integrity.

Carolina gave me sound guidance and straightforward professional advice. I was very happy with the services provided. Carolina blends a good understanding of people with an ability to achieve positive outcomes, yet applies a no nonsense approach to fixing problems.

Carolina’s services enabled us to deal with some tricky internal problems and get a much better outcome for all concerned.

We now have much better Employment Contracts and Review processes in place.
— Small business owner

"Expert HR advice"

I had no concerns engaging Carolina as I was advised that Carolina was very experienced in HR and people issues.

Carolina is very good to deal with. She communicates very well, quick to respond and provides a very measured response to all issues. She provides clarity and clear process in dealing with HR issues.

I have used Carolina for HR issues ranging from performance management, disciplinary procedures and restructuring. In all cases we followed the legal requirements of HR, thanks to her guidance, which has resulted in a satisfactory outcome for both parties. I have no problems recommending Carolina (People and SolutioNZ) to anybody who needs expert advice in HR.
— Maurice Ward – General Manager NZ Sales Zenith Interiors NZ Ltd

"Mediation resolves potentially costly employment dispute"

I had no hesitation in using your services. Your services came recommended by S&T and you had already created individual employment contracts for Argest.

I was reassured that I was working with someone who knew their stuff. Through working with Carolina I have become better educated about my responsibilities as an employer but more importantly have a clearer understanding of when I am straying into areas where a formal response is required.

We received improvements to and a better understanding of our employment processes

• IEAs
• Maternity Leave
• Performance management

Carolina suggested we resolve an employee dispute by seeking mediation. She supported us through the process until it was resolved.
— Bruce Hay - Chapman Argest

"A real difference to a business"

I had no concerns at all about using Carolina’s services. I had worked with Carolina previously and knew how capable and strategic she was so felt reassured when I knew she was available to assist us.

The services provided were excellent. Carolina cares about her reputation and so she always delivers the best. She helped us solve some problems and put in place tangible solutions.

We ended up with some practical solutions based on strategic thinking that enabled us to put in place changes that made a real difference to the way we did business. The results were obvious in a short space of time and so there was an immediate improvement.
— Jackie Curtis

"Performance issued resolved to everyone's satisfaction"

People & SolutioNZ (Carolina) is a well known and respected professional with years of experience and strong senior level HR knowledge. I found Carolina easy to engage with and responsive to my requests.

I required Carolina to help me with a performance issue that was affecting team morale, customer perception and impacting on the integrity of my business unit. In the first meeting we had Carolina spent time getting to know the issues I wanted her help with, she took time to understand the interdependencies and likely impacts, it was not an off-the-shelf service, it was a tailored solution to my individual requirements.
The service offered by Carolina was fast, efficient and extensive. Carolina used not only her own knowledge she also investigated best practice and undertook research to explore options that would best suit the complexity of the issues which included cultural and deeply seated belief aspects. I was kept well informed of progress along the way.

The results were impressive, the outcome was that the performance issue was significant and the impact major. While Carolina worked through many options to find the solutions it became clear that the individual involved was in the ‘wrong’ role and a decision was made to move to a more suitable role, so it was successful for all parties. The outcome enabled me to restore credibility within my unit, improve processes and ultimately offer better customer service. The outcome for the individual involved was that she came out of the process with a sense of power and Carolina allowed her to retain her dignity to move on to a role where she could succeed.
— Jo Grenfell, HR Information Centre Manager Capital & Coast DHB

"Compliance issues clearly addressed"

After meeting and talking with Carolina I had no hesitation in using her services. She was professional, direct and knowledgeable.

Excellent services provided which were timely, appropriate, and any actions on my part were clear to follow and resulted in good outcomes.

Clarity on HR issues, clear direction as to what to do to comply with policies and legal requirements and fair outcomes for management and staff.
— Senior Manager - Nationwide Not for Profit Organisation